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Electrical Safety Certificates

The team at CJC Electrical South West provide a range of inspection and testing services and electrical safety certificates in Plymstock and throughout Plympton, Ivybridge, Saltash, South Hams, Yealmpton, Brixton and the surrounding areas of South Devon. Electrical safety is essential in any setting where electrics are fitted. Furthermore, it is a legal obligation if you are a private or commercial landlord. To find out more or book an appointment for electrical safety certificates, please get in touch.

Landlord Electrical Safety Certificates

It is your duty as a landlord to ensure any electrical fittings and installations within your property meet the latest electrical safety standards. As a result, you are now obligated under new landlord electrical safety laws that came into force in June 2020 to employ a qualified electrician to perform an electrical installation condition report (EICR).

If the tenancy started on or after the 1st June 2020, the inspection must take place before the tenancy starts. The same applies to renewed tenancies. If you have a tenant in situ that has resided in your property since before 1st June 2020, you have until 1st April 2021 to ensure the first inspection is done.

How Often Does a Private Landlords EICR Need to Be Renewed?

Periodic electrical inspections should be renewed every 5 years from when the installation was fitted. However, we recommend that you renew your landlords EICR at the end of every tenancy. This will ensure your occupants are safeguarded from electrical hazards.

Commercial Landlord Electrical Installation Condition Reports

As a commercial landlord, you are responsible for ensuring all electrical installations and fittings are safe for your tenants. The Landlords and Tenants Act 1985 dictates that electrical installations in a commercially rented property must be safe and maintained. We can conduct commercial Landlord Electrical Installation Condition Reports at competitive prices. Our electrical inspections will ensure that as a commercial landlord, you comply with the latest safety legislation.

Contact CJC Electrical South West

For further information, advice or to arrange electrical safety certificates in Plymstock or anywhere else in South Devon, please get in touch. We offer a fast response to ensure that your landlord ECIR is completed as soon as possible so that you are compliant with all the relevant electrical safety laws. We can also provide ECIR for private homeowners, for further information please get in touch.